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Every person at Plaza Middle East is dedicated to providing the highest quality items in order to guarantee total client satisfaction. With our extensive inventories, international connections, logistics, and first-rate customer service, we are one amongst the trusted electrical accessories suppliers in Dubai. Flexible cables, ELCB, MCB, MCCB, timers, isolators, capacitors, busbar, contactors, relays, starters, panelboards, DB boxes, waterproof boxes, switches, sockets, and other electrical components are among the items we provide

What Makes Us Unique?

Leading companies collaborate daily to refresh the appearance and functionality of our plug inventory in Dubai, ensuring that our customers always receive what they need. ABB, Hager, Eaton MEM, Scame, Gewiss, Havells, Schneider, Alfanar, Gentrix, Schrack, RR Kabel, and Pollmann are some of the brands we work with. We are aware of the standards and complexity of electrical equipment thanks to our extensive industry expertise. To keep your properties and your life safe and secure, each installation process makes use of our diverse selection of strong components.

Being a well-known electrical accessories supplier in Dubai, we are aware of the value of strong bonds. As a result, the brand that provides you with the best value is our primary concern at our plug dealerships in Dubai rather than the quick exchange of goods.

Why are Switchgears Important?

Switchgear is capable of more than merely shielding your location from risky and expensive system outages. Switchgear can provide insightful data on the health of an electrical system, which can help a company reduce downtime and increase productivity. When buying switchgear equipment for your house or place of business, think about whether the gadgets will meet your needs.

Which equipment is most appropriate will depend on the conditions at your location. A large industrial facility would utilise its electrical system differently than a commercial building. Therefore, consider your location's power requirements and usage. You can strive toward the greatest potential option by giving these kinds of concerns some thought.

Whenever you have an issue, our friendly and professional staff can assist you in getting the finest purchasing recommendations. Additionally, our engineers make sure that every product is supplied following quality inspection in order to maintain its efficient performance.


Yes, switches consume power to operate their internal circuitry and any additional features. For electrical accessories suppliers in Dubai you can choose Plaza Middle East which offers a range of electrical accessories from reputable brands and can provide expert advice and support to help you find the right products.

Electrical installation requires various materials, including wiring, electrical boxes, conduit, circuit breakers, switches, and outlets. These materials are crucial for a safe and effective installation, and it is important to use high-quality materials and follow safety guidelines and regulations.

Commonly used tools in electrical work include pliers, screwdrivers, wire strippers, wire cutters, multimeters, voltage testers, and fish tape. Pliers are used to grip, twist, and cut wires, while screwdrivers are used to tighten or loosen screws. Wire strippers and cutters are used to remove insulation from wires and cut them to length. Multimeters and voltage testers are used to measure electrical current and voltage levels. Fish tape is used to pull wires through conduit and other tight spaces. These tools are essential for safe and efficient electrical work.

There are various types of wiring devices used in electrical installations, including switches, outlets, dimmers, and plugs. Switches control the flow of electrical current, while outlets provide access to electrical power for devices. Dimmers allow for the adjustment of lighting levels, and plugs connect devices to electrical outlets. Electrical accessories suppliers in Dubai offer a wide range of wiring devices from reputable brands, such as Legrand, Schneider Electric, and ABB, among others. These suppliers can provide expert advice and support to help you find the right wiring devices for your electrical installation needs.

No, a fuse cannot be used as a switch. Fuses are safety devices that are designed to protect electrical circuits from overloading or short circuits. They are designed to melt and break the circuit if the current exceeds a certain level. Switches, on the other hand, are devices used to control the flow of electrical current by opening or closing a circuit. It is important to use the correct device for the intended function to ensure safe and effective electrical operation.

What are the important considerations when choosing cables?

Important considerations when choosing cables for electrical installations include current capacity, voltage rating, environment, and application. Cables should be rated to handle the maximum current and voltage of the circuit they will be used in, and they should be suitable for the environment they will be installed in. The application of the cable should also be considered, such as whether it will be used for power or signal transmission, and whether it will be exposed to high temperatures, moisture, or other factors that could affect its performance. It is important to choose the right cable for the job to ensure safe and efficient electrical operation.

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