RAKTHERM Supplier in UAE

Raktherm is the leading supplier of piping systems technology. The company is the flagship divine and pioneer of integrated PPR, PEX, anti-UV, Reinforced and DVW piping systems. The company’s ultimate focus is on product integrity. They aim to become the market leader in piping systems by innovating constantly, and integrating latest technologies in their products. Their knowledge of industry trends have put them in the forefront of the entire industry, beating competition and delivering high quality products. We are the trusted Raktherm supplier in UAE and we are proud to associate with them to deliver their products to you.

Raktherm supplier in UAE

As the Raktherm supplier in UAE, we have been able to understand the goodness and authenticity of their products. We are sure there is none like them in piping solutions. Not only do they deliver quality piping solutions, but they also do that in an environment-friendly, sustainable manner. You can use their products with the faith that they don’t harm the environment in any way.

They have an impressive portfolio of integrated piping solutions, and they can be used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Raktherm is also used widely for irrigation and agricultural applications. They have a versatile and comprehensive system for manufacturing each product, and each of their solutions can successfully deliver hot and cold water. They also provide piping solutions for floor heating.

Types of Raktherm products we offer

Raktherm has a huge range of products for various applications. You can visit the catalogue to look at the multitude of dimensions in which each product is available.

  • Piping systems of various dimensions
  • A huge array of fittings and accessories
  • Elbow pipes
  • Reducing Tee
  • End caps
  • Cross Tee
  • Female Union both ends welding
  • Saddle Sockets
  • Flanges Adaptors
  • End Plugs

Why should you buy Raktherm’s products?

Raktherm’s products are really top-class, and they really do their best in providing environment-friendly sustainable products for their customers. They understand the challenges present in the piping industry and do their best to overcome that. Through the innovative technologies that they have incorporated in their products, they have really surpassed expectations. As a trusted Raktherm supplier in UAE, we are proud to include them in our catalogue, because we know this way, our customers will get the best.

Raktherm has products that are perfect for every industry and they have a huge manufacturing facility where they develop super-efficient products that are durable, highly resilient and very, very effective. You can trust the quality they deliver and revel in the efficiency of their products. Just fit their piping solutions and forget about them. They will perform optimally for a very long time.

How to order the best Raktherm products online?

Plaza Middle East is the biggest Raktherm supplier in UAE, so you have a huge catalogue of their products with us. The products that we listed above are available in a multitude of specifications and dimensions. So it is important to know the dimensions that you require. In case you have any confusion locating the right product, we can help you in choosing them. The products will be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep or to whichever address you want them to.

Buying Raktherm products from us is a safe and hassle-free procedure and we are looking forward to your being our customer.


Raktherm is a leading brand in piping components, particularly known for its high-quality plastic piping systems. Other reputable brands in the piping industry include Georg Fischer, Uponor, Wavin, Charlotte Pipe, and Astral Pipes. When selecting piping components, consider factors such as product quality, certifications, compatibility, and customer feedback to make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

Raktherm piping systems are important due to their high-quality, durable, and reliable nature. These plastic piping solutions offer resistance to corrosion, chemical reactions, and thermal expansion. They are easy to install and come with a wide range of compatible fittings and accessories. Raktherm's commitment to product quality and adherence to international standards further enhance its importance. Partnering with a reputable Raktherm supplier in the UAE ensures access to genuine products and reliable after-sales services. Overall, Raktherm piping systems provide a reliable solution for water distribution, plumbing, and fluid transfer applications.

PPR (Polypropylene Random Copolymer) pipes are available in two main types: PPR-C (PPR Copolymer) and PPR-CT (PPR Composite). PPR-C pipes are commonly used for plumbing and water distribution systems, offering excellent heat and chemical resistance. PPR-CT pipes are a variant of PPR-C pipes with an additional layer of fiberglass reinforcement, providing enhanced strength and rigidity. Both types of PPR pipes are known for their durability, longevity, and ease of installation.

Raktherm, a prominent piping system supplier in the UAE, stands out for its high-quality materials, excellent performance, ease of installation, and long service life. By partnering with a trusted Raktherm supplier in UAE, customers can access genuine products and reliable support for their piping needs.

What makes Raktherm the best piping solutions?

Raktherm is considered a top choice for piping solutions due to several factors. These include their use of high-quality materials, excellent performance, ease of installation, and long service life. Raktherm's commitment to product quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction contributes to their reputation as a leading provider of piping solutions.

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