Alfanar Enclosure Suppliers In UAE

Alfanar is a company dealing with top quality manufacturing electrical construction products, EPC solutions for conventional and renewable power plants, allied engineering services and design engineering products. With its worldwide operations, the company has a national and international presence throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, Italy and Germany. Committed to excellence, and executing strong business plans that includes customer comfort and safety, Alfanar embraces newest trends and technologies to maintain quality, safety and performance. Check out our range of metal boxes and enclosures when you shop online, and you will know we are the most sought after Alfanar enclosures suppliers in UAE.

Effectiveness of Alfanar Enclosures

Alfanar deals with a number of metal boxes and enclosures that would suit varying needs. They are strong, durable and provide adequate protection from the ravages of weather like rain, snow, sleet, heavy winds and other environmental conditions. And they are resistant to fire, corrosion and even pest attacks.

Often customers rely on Alfanar enclosures suppliers in UAE since they withstand the test of time, and so no more worries about the contents within it being damaged. The enclosures can protect the electrical components installed within, and will help it to remain dry and secure. So it doesn’t matter if you have to place the boxes near moist areas, the chances of rust are fairly low.

Our enclosures are environment friendly too because they are made out of good materials that can be recycled. They are easy to use, lightweight and process less waste materials. Another best feature that makes us ofe the best Alfanar enclosures suppliers in UAE is that they are classed as non-combustible and hence, fire-resistant. It is imperative to incorporate fire-resistant products inside the buildings, so whenever it is possible to reduce being around flammable products, go for it.

Types of Alfanar Enclosures

Being the most reputed Alfanar enclosures suppliers in UAE, we have all major types of enclosures . Go through the various types to familiarise with them:

Switch boxes - Our switch boxes are made of hot-dipped galvanised steel. Among the options, you can choose switch boxes with adjustable lug, brass earth terminal or steel earth terminal. You can also opt among 2,3, or 4 couplers. The switch boxes are highly reliable, durable and have a tougher coating that would provide automatic protection when placed in sensitive areas. The boxes are tough, and they do not require maintenance.

Junction boxes - Our junction boxes are made of top quality strong steel and can withstand pressure. They come in various dimensions from 100x100mm to 450x450mm. They have compatibility with various conduit sizes, and are resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents. The knockout options are 26.5 /32.5 mm, 20.5/26.5 mm, so you can choose the one you need for connections for light fixtures, outlets or additional wiring within the box itself.

Modular Enclosures - We have stylish modular enclosures that are completely adaptable since they come with different rails, ranging from 1 to 6. This makes them suitable for various industrial uses, and since they are made from galvanised steel which is a high-strength material, you can expect excellent quality.

Metal Enclosures - As the most trustworthy Alfanar enclosures suppliers in UAE, we have different varieties of metal enclosures suitable for different purposes. For this purpose, we have single door enclosures, double door enclosures, metering enclosures, transparent door enclosures and more. Go through our product range to check out the different varieties for sale.

What type of Alfanar enclosures do you need? The enclosures are already manufactured according to your requirements, and we can easily handle your specifications or requests, depending on how you need them.

Alfanar enclosure suppliers in uae

Go through our range of products, and choose the ones that you need for your industry. Our commitment to quality makes us deliver the best products to our clients. The enclosures are durable, strong and very reliable. They can be used for a range of industrial products, so just get in touch with us, and we can get them ready for you.

Why choose us and benefits of online purchase

As reliable Alfanar enclosures suppliers in UAE, we have commitment to our customers. Hence we manufacture the products with the greatest caution, keeping in mind the industrial demands pertaining to high tensile strength, durability, reliability, strength and corrosion-resistant properties. We follow all the parameters of producing the best enclosure ever, and you can rely on us to give you the best products ever. We constantly update our inventory so all the products will be available for sale at all times. In case, something isn't, we will update that as soon as possible.

You can order online from Alfanar enclosures suppliers in UAE easily and safely, Sit back and relax while we send the products over to you. Ordering online is the easiest thing ever, because you can compare prices and products and be assured of the quality we deliver. 


To ensure the quality of Alfanar Enclosures, purchase them from authorized Alfanar Enclosure suppliers in UAE like Plaza Middle East. Consider factors such as construction materials, build quality, and durability. Alfanar is a reputable brand known for high standards. Seek expert advice and read customer reviews for further insights.

Alfanar Enclosures offers a range of types including wall-mount enclosures, floor-standing enclosures, junction boxes, and modular enclosures. These types cater to different installation requirements and provide secure and reliable housing for electrical and electronic components.

The competitors of Alfanar vary depending on the specific industry and product segment. However, some notable competitors of Alfanar in the electrical and industrial solutions market include Schneider Electric, Siemens, ABB, Eaton Corporation, and Legrand. These companies offer similar products and services, competing with Alfanar in various regions and market segments.

Alfanar is regarded as a leading brand due to its reputation for manufacturing high-quality products, its commitment to international standards, and its extensive product range. Alfanar Enclosure suppliers in UAE provide genuine products that meet industry requirements and customer expectations.

What are the purpose of Alfanar Enclosure?

Alfanar Enclosures serve the purpose of providing secure and reliable housing for electrical and electronic components. They protect sensitive equipment from environmental factors, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure the safety of personnel working with the equipment. Alfanar Enclosures are designed to meet industry standards and offer a range of options for various applications.

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