Since 2011, Plaza Middle East has been a pioneer in the sale of electrical cables and wires to diverse clients. In order to rank among the top Oman Cable providers in Dubai, Plaza Middle East General Trading LLC is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of goods from reliable manufacturers. We collaborate with the following brands: Metro, Gewiss, Davis, Bicon, Hager, Marshall-Tufflex, Oman Cable, NCI, Decoduct, Hager, Oman Cable, Precision Plastic Industries.

Proud Top Supplier of Ducab & Decoduct Cables

We are a top supplier of Ducab cables in Dubai City too. A variety of cable accessories, components, and cables are produced by Ducab. It keeps raising the bar for high-quality products made in the United Arab Emirates. Even during the 2020 coronavirus outbreak, demand from UAE projects made sure that the cables producer did not need to cut output. Therefore, we take great pride in the fact that we serve the Dubai market as one of the Ducab cable providers.

We also sell Decoduct products as a distributor. One of the brands with the quickest global growth in the cable management systems industry is Decoduct. Conduits, accessories, trunking, and industrial management solutions are among Decoduct's offerings. Decoduct adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 standard when manufacturing their goods to meet UAE and international standards. As a result, we are pleased to be among the leading suppliers of decor products in Dubai.

Since we are the supplier, we understand how crucial it is to manage and organise the cables to improve safety and maintenance and keep specialists from figuring out which wires go where or do what. At Plaza Middle East General Trading LLC, several of our divisions have varied in-house research, innovation, and production capabilities for our esteemed clients or are eager to develop new goods.

Our organisation has now broadened its reach to include some more well-known brands in addition to Ducab and Decoduct goods. This means that we also provide goods from other well-known electrical manufacturers for use in industrial, residential, and commercial settings. The cables and accessories we sell are of the highest calibre, meticulously crafted, and safety-tested. We feel that part of our duty as one of the Oman Cable providers in Dubai city is to deal in these kinds of products.

As one of the leading electrical cable suppliers in the UAE, We adhere to all of the most recent environmental safety regulations and carry out a consistent health and safety training programme on the production floors. Our high-volume production line benchmarks are demonstrated by the history of our "zero accident" production line.


Electrical wiring typically uses copper or aluminum conductors insulated with PVC or XLPE materials. These cables are commonly referred to as building wire, and are available in different gauges and configurations depending on their intended application. Electrical cable suppliers in UAE offer a wide range of electrical cables from reputable brands such as Ducab, Prysmian, and Nexans, among others. They can provide expert advice on selecting the right cable for your electrical installation needs, including factors such as voltage rating, current capacity, and environmental considerations.

Electrical cables come in various types, including building wire, coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, control cable, instrumentation cable, and power cable. The choice of cable will depend on the specific application and electrical requirements. Other types of cables include shielded cable, twisted pair cable, submersible cable, and thermocouple cable, among others. Electrical cable suppliers offer a wide range of cable types and can provide expert advice on selecting the right cable for the job.

The type of cable mostly used depends on the specific application and electrical requirements. However, building wire is one of the most commonly used types of electrical cables, as it is used for electrical wiring in buildings. This type of cable is available in different sizes and insulation types, and it is generally suitable for a wide range of applications. Other commonly used cables include coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, and power cable. Electrical cable suppliers in UAE offer a wide range of cable types to suit different applications, and can provide expert advice on selecting the right cable for the job.

The color code for wires used in electrical installations in the UAE follows international standards. As per the UAE regulations, brown wires are used for live or hot wires, blue wires are used for neutral wires, and green/yellow striped wires are used for grounding wires. These colors help identify the purpose of each wire and ensure that the wiring is installed correctly, making it safe and efficient. It is important to follow the color code to ensure that electrical installations comply with the UAE regulations and standards.

Wire is a single conductor, while a cable is a collection of wires bundled together. Cables are often used to transmit power or signals over longer distances or in more complex systems, while wires are used for simpler circuits or shorter distances.

Which cable is positive or negative?

In electrical systems, cables do not have a positive or negative polarity. Instead, they are typically used to transmit electrical signals or power from a source to a destination. It is the devices or components connected to the cables that have positive and negative terminals or connections. These connections determine the polarity of the circuit and how electricity flows through it.

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