Ducab Cable Suppliers In Dubai

Plaza Middle East company one of the leading Ducab Cable suppliers in Dubai. Our company is built on innovation since we think that in the modern world, if you don't follow the newest trends, you'll fall behind. Everyone in the organisation, from management on down, is committed to the idea of setting ambitious goals and then collaborating to push the envelope and produce the desired results. We have both an online and offline presence showcasing the most top rated brands products.

Ducab is pleased to offer its customers in more than 40 different countries a wide selection of cutting-edge cables. High, medium, and low voltage cables can be produced in more than 110,000 copper tonnes annually at five cutting-edge facilities in Dubai. Reputable honours from top organisations including Quality Assurance, Outstanding Economic Value Creation, and Excellence in Branding have been given to the corporation for its high-quality services.

Main Features of our Ducab Cables:

We are helping to build a more friendly environment for a better tomorrow with our products and services. Being the known Ducab cables suppliers in Dubai, we are proud to serve the world with the better products.

Ducab is the brand that manufactures and supplies power cables of the highest calibre to customers and businesses looking for them in the United Arab Emirates. Their production and manufacturing facilities are vast and well-stocked with contemporary equipment and technologies that can readily meet high demand.

  • Built with premium material
  • Durable
  • high-quality product
  • fire resistant


Ducab offers a comprehensive range of cables and wires. Their product range includes power cables, control cables, instrument cables, fire performance cables, specialty cables, and wiring accessories. Ducab is one of the leading cable manufacturers in the UAE and their products are widely available through reputable Ducab cable suppliers in Dubai.

There could be various reasons why Ducab or any cable manufacturer may choose not to produce LSF (Low Smoke and Fume) cables with graphite coating. These reasons may include factors such as cost-effectiveness, technical limitations, compliance with industry standards, or the availability of alternative materials or technologies that meet the required fire performance and safety specifications. It is best to consult Ducab or their representatives directly for specific information regarding their product offerings and manufacturing choices.

Installing a copper wire screen below the semicon bedding tape serves as a protective measure in cable construction. It helps to mitigate the risks of electrical faults and provides additional shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI). By grounding the copper wire screen, it can help to enhance the overall performance and safety of the cable. Ducab, as a reputable cable manufacturer, may advise this practice based on their expertise and adherence to industry standards. For specific information and guidance, it is recommended to consult Ducab suppliers in Dubai.

Yes, there are special installation conditions for LSF (Low Smoke and Fume) cables. These conditions may include considerations such as proper cable routing, avoiding sharp bends, maintaining appropriate clearances, and ensuring the cable is protected from mechanical damage during installation. LSF cables may also require specific connectors, glands, or accessories designed for their use. It is important to refer to the manufacturer's guidelines and follow the recommended installation practices to ensure the optimal performance and safety of LSF cables.

Ducab's MV (Medium Voltage) cables may have smaller diameters compared to their rivals due to the use of advanced design and manufacturing techniques. These techniques allow Ducab to achieve higher conductor compactness and insulation efficiency, resulting in smaller cable diameters without compromising performance or safety. The smaller diameter can provide advantages such as easier installation, reduced weight, and optimized space utilization in various applications. However, specific factors influencing cable diameter can vary depending on the cable design, materials used, and manufacturing processes employed by different cable manufacturers.

Does Ducab offers wires that can be installed in water?

Yes, Ducab offers wires that are specifically designed for installation in water. These types of wires, often known as submersible cables, are engineered to withstand exposure to water and provide reliable electrical performance in submerged conditions.

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