Atlas PVC Fitting Suppliers in UAE

Atlas is a well known brand for manufacturing bathroom fittings, PVC pipes and Atlas PVC pipe fittings UAE. With focus on quality and commitment to customer satisfaction, the company has been servicing thousands of customers every year delivering smiles and happiness. If you are looking for high quality PVC pipe fittings, you have come to the right place. The quality and durability they have been putting into their products have made them the best in the league, and you can be assured of the best service ever when you purchase their pvc fittings. We make sure that pipes themselves are made from non-toxic materials, so they can carry water and other liquids, and are compatible for both hot water and cold.

Atlas PVC pipe fittings UAE are suitable for both hot water and cold water applications, hence they can be used in homes, apartments, hotels, hospitals, low-rise buildings, commercial buildings, corporate houses, academic institutions, etc. You can rely on the brand like thousands of customers already do and bring home quality PVC pipes that do what it's expected to do.

Where can I buy Atlas PVC Fittings online?

The main purpose of pipe fittings would be to aid in the regulation of the water or whatever liquid that flows through it. It is an essential part of plumbing, and plays an important role in the final performance of the piping system. You can buy Atlas PVC

Fittings from our website by browsing through the various options available for sale. Just decide on the size, dimensions and length and you can look at the specifications for more details on each model. Our website contains details on the pipes, and you can review them according to your needs.

Different type of pvc fitting

There are different types of Atlas PVC pipe fittings UAE so you need to know what you are buying, and whether it would suit your purpose. The pipe fittings must also be in accordance with the pipe that it is being connected with. If the pipe fitting doesn't fit well, it could lead to leaks. So check out the PVF pipe fitting measurement usually starting from I/2 inch fittings to 12 inch fittings. So that’s the one thing you have to consider.

Next, decide on the type of PVC fitting, because there are a few varieties available online:

Threaded pipes - threaded pipes come with thread and they usually connect two pipes together, or a pipe to a valve.

Slip fitting pipes - In this kind, you slip one pipe over the other smoothly and come without threads. It can help connect two pipes together or to another fitting or coupling.

Flanges - These pipes come with bolt holes around the edge, so you can attach the fitting to the wall or floor.

Coupling - These are short lengths of the pipe, and can be used in the piping system to connect pipes or to adjust the thickness of tubing. They can be used to patch broken or leaking pipes too. You have different types of PVC couplings depending on what you need.

Elbows - These are elbow shaped pipe fittings that can be used to change the direction of the water flow. You will often see such pipes along the supply lines to sinks showers, toilets etc,

Benefits of choosing Atlas PVC Fittings UAE

If you are looking for high quality, corrosion resistant, durable PVC pipe fittings, look no further than Atlas PVC pipe fittings UAE. For us, commitment to our clients is the priority aspect of business, and we do our best to constantly upgrade our technologies to provide precision products that would be the best fit for your pipes. We check the quality of the products before displaying them on our website, so you can just click on the ones that you need, and make the purchase.

Atlas PVC pipe fittings UAE have a long service life, are chemical-resistant, corrosion-resistant and have leak-free joints. They are available at competitive rates at our website. The quality is so high that they function perfectly without causing blockage until it's time to change your pipes and fittings.

Advantage of online purchase

The biggest advantage of buying Atlas PVC pipe fittings UAE through online portals like our website is that you can compare prices and buy the best one. And you have online support too, which means if you want to confirm if you are making the right purchase, you can discuss with the online chat representative and buy. We can also help you if you are not sure of the measurements required. We can guide you to take the measurements, based on which you can order online. The products will reach you, without having the need to go out and buy.


You can secure PVC connections by using glue, cement, or plumbers putty. You can also use clamps, hangers, or screws to attach PVC pipes to walls. For a more secure connection, you can drill holes and insert nails or pins into the pipes3. If you need high-quality Atlas PVC fittings UAE, you can contact Plaza Middle East, a leading supplier of PVC products.

PVC fittings can last up to 50 years or more if they are well installed and maintained. They are durable, corrosion-resistant, and low-maintenance. However, they may also crack or break due to sun exposure, soil movement, or freezing temperatures.

Yes, PVC fittings need to be fully seated to create a tight and leak-proof seal. You should push the pipe into the fitting until it reaches the stop. If the pipe is not fully seated, you should remake the connection with new pipe and fitting. Do not twist or rotate the pipe after applying cement.

To install PVC fittings, you need to cut the pipe and smooth the edges, then dry fit the pipe and the fitting to check the alignment. Next, you need to apply primer and cement to both surfaces and insert and twist the pipe into the fitting. This will create a strong and leak-proof joint.

The minimum insertion depth for PVC pipes is the distance that the pipe must go into the fitting to make a good seal. It depends on many factors, such as the pipe size, the fitting design, the pressure and temperature, and the pipe end shape. There are two methods to calculate it: Method 1 adds up all the factors at their worst case, and Method 2 uses statistics to estimate the risk of failure. Different manufacturers may have different socket lengths and fitting allowances for their PVC pipes and fittings. For example, Atlas PVC fittings UAE has its own specifications for its products in the United Arab Emirates. You should check with the manufacturer or supplier for the exact minimum insertion depth for their PVC pipes and fittings.

PVC is important in plumbing because it is a safe, durable, cost-efficient and sustainable material for pipes. PVC pipes can transport drinking water without contamination, corrosion or leakage. PVC pipes can also last for over 100 years with minimal maintenance and can be easily recycled. PVC pipes have lower installation and operation costs than non-plastic pipes. PVC pipes are also versatile and can be used for various applications, such as water supply, drainage, irrigation, and sewerage.

Is PVC safe for drinking water?

PVC is generally safe for drinking water, as it does not leach harmful chemicals into the water and is approved by the FDA for this purpose. However, PVC pipes should be used only for cold water, as they can soften and warp when exposed to high temperatures. PVC pipes should also be protected from direct sunlight and high pressures, as they can degrade over time. These pipes should be cleaned thoroughly before installation to remove any dirt or contaminants.

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