Let’s Light Up Your Space with the Legrand Switches

Plaza Middle East is one amongst the best Legrand switches supplier in Dubai, which has a wided variety of switches to choose from providing high-quality. Having both online and offline stores, Plaza has been in the field since 2011 along with some renowned brands.

Legrand is a well-known company. Their products are so well-made that they appear visually appealing while still remaining flameproof. To meet your modern needs, they have a wide range of items available in various sizes, colours, and patterns.

Legrand switches represent a fusion of elegance, simplicity, and refinement. Legrand offers the greatest modular switches for your home, workplace, and businesses that are built to endure a long time and enhance your walls.

Main Features:

  • enclosed switches
  • safety shock absorbers
  • soft operation with effortless clicks

We strive to provide hassle-free solutions to all our clients. Each electrical switch may be customised to meet your specific needs and specifications and is made with the same attention to quality and technological excellence for which Legrand is renowned.


Legrand offers a warranty on their switches, typically ranging from one to two years. The specific duration may vary depending on the model and region. For more information on Legrand switches and their warranty policies, you can contact Plaza Middle East, one of the Legrand switches supplier in Dubai.

Legrand products are manufactured in various locations around the world, including but not limited to France, Italy, the United States, China, Brazil, and India. The manufacturing facilities are strategically located to serve global markets and ensure high-quality production standards.

Plaza Middle East is a well-known distributor and supplier of Legrand switches in Dubai. They offer a wide range of Legrand switches and have established a reputation for providing quality products and reliable services in the region. If you are looking for a Legrand switches supplier in Dubai, Plaza Middle East can be a suitable option to consider.

Yes, Legrand is widely recognized as a reputable and reliable brand in the electrical and digital infrastructure industry. Legrand has a long-standing history and a strong global presence, offering a wide range of products including switches, outlets, lighting controls, and home automation systems. They are known for their commitment to innovation, quality craftsmanship, and user-friendly designs. Legrand's products often meet industry standards and are trusted by professionals and consumers alike.

Legrand offers a diverse range of switch styles to suit various preferences. Their collection includes traditional switches with toggle or rocker designs, as well as decorative switches available in different finishes like brushed metal, wood, or glass. These styles allow customers to find the perfect switch design to complement their interior decor. For more detailed information on Legrand switch styles and options, feel free to reach out to us.

What are the dimensions of a Legrand switch box?

The dimensions of a Legrand switch box can vary depending on the specific model and type of switch box. However, as a general guideline, standard switch boxes typically have dimensions of approximately 4 inches (width) x 2.25 inches (height) x 2.5 inches (depth). It's worth noting that Legrand offers a wide range of switch boxes with different sizes and configurations to accommodate various installation requirements.

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